missbrimichelle photography and our partners invite you to be part of this transformational series


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are you one of the 100 bossed-up women to make an impact?

This year we are featuring 100 women and their businesses In an effort to aspire like-minded women to pursue their goals unapologetically while gaining exposure for those we Interview!

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When you apply to be one of our 100, you’ll be eligible to win prizes Including

A Free Branding shoot, a Free Brand Transformation, a Free Branding Portraits at Home Kit, and more!

why you need to be one of the #100ofher


#100ofHer is a  passion project curated by Brittany Onley ( @MissBriMichelle) and is offered as a specially priced content package. Her goal is to tell the story of 100 women through her photography by the end of 2021. These aren’t just regular shooting sessions. These are moments of testimony, femininity, vulnerability, and inspiration for other women to pursue their best lives boldly and authentically.

The women featured will talk about things like womanhood, the struggles of starting a business, self-worth, learned life lessons, and more!


This project is a special content package for women who wish to be featured for both personal and promotional purposes. This project gives the opportunity for women to talk about their businesses and add a transparency element. This is the perfect opportunity for a feminine woman with a story to tell and something to sell to get themselves out there with a featured photoshoot and video session at a discounted rate.

You have a unique story
to be told and the world
deserves to hear it!

What Your Package Includes


your personal photoshoot

Look and feel beautiful during this one-hour shoot complete with the luxury feeling experience! From this shoot, you’ll be provided with retouched, high-quality images for you to share and use for your personal or professional marketing.



Your Video Interview

This Is where we get deep! Bring all of your authenticity as we sit down to Interview you, getting to know you, your business, and your story. This Is the part that so many other women will see and relate to knowing they are not alone on their journies.


Inclusion in this Exclusive Series

The women chosen for this series are hand-picked to share something Impactful! Inclusion in this project means that you’ve joined a community of like-minded women who can network with and learn from each other.

Wherever and however this series may take off publically, you have the honor of knowing you were one of the original #100ofHer!


What Is the Mission?

Many of us have been In that fearful space… Dealing with self-doubt, healing from old trauma, not being clear on your goals, experiencing burn-out, and not living In your feminine energy are all factors that can prevent you from growing Into your own greatness. This project Is curated to feature women who can share their struggles and success stories proving that we are not alone and that all of our aspirations are possible!


The mission is to inspire women who are doubting themselves when it comes to their lifestyle aspirations, especially in terms of starting a business. This will be done by featuring relatable women with a photoshoot session and video interview.


“ I want women to see themselves in the 100 women I feature on this project. I want them to hear their struggles as well as their success stories and as a result feel that they are not alone in their aspirations“


what prizes can you win?

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free branding shoot

Win the big dreamer photography package which comes with 45 minute shoot and retouched photos


headshots at home kit

Start leveling up your content at home with this Headshots at Home kit free when you win!


brand kit mini makeover

Win the Brandkit Mini Makeover and level up the look and feel of your brand quickly and easily with my expertise

Meet The Photographer

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Brittany “MissBriMichelle” Onley

Brittany Is a Delaware-based brand photographer/ web designer whose main focus Is leveling up the look, feel, and engagement of women-owned business brands.


She’s done both photography and web design since 2012 using her skills to start numerous business such as United Role Models ( a mentorship program designed to reward young ladies for their good grades and good deeds with photoshoots), MadeHerselfABoss ( a yearly conference and resource for women looking to start and scale their businesses), Minx Domains, and more!


Brittany, now a full-time content creator, strives to use her content to Inspire, uplift, and raise the confidence of women both personally and professionally while providing a luxury-feeling experience to each client!