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Never Pass Up an Opportunity to promote yourself!

What is #ShamelessPlugSunday?

Shameless plug Sunday is a new show presented on the MissBriMichelle Instagram page Dedicated to allowing women a platform to have authentic conversations while promoting themselves/their businesses at the same time! 

What’s the purpose of #ShamelessPlugSunday?

Way too often to some women find themselves unable to tell their stories, bypass feelings of imposter syndrome, and establish themselves as a leader in their niche. The secret to beating all of that is to simply “talk about it” more! When it comes to promoting yourself and/or your business, no one knows what you do and what you sell (and the way that you do it) more than you & your audience wants to hear that! 

Who does #ShamelessPlugSunday Feature?

#ShamelessPlugSunday is a platform specifically for feminine women who have a story to tell and something to sell! Women who wish to share their expertise or understanding of lessons learned in life and/or in business are welcome to apply and promote their product or service! Our audience consists of women (and men) who have proven to both learn from and buy from the women featured on this broadcast!

What you gain from being a guest on #ShamelessPlugSunday:

• An opportunity to promote yourself and your business to a new and specific audience
• Establish yourself as a thought leader in the niche you are in
• Speak to and answer the questions of new and potential customers live on the show
• Poses this interview as tangible content you can use to promote yourself over and over on multiple platforms.

If you have a product to sell or a story to tell, this is for you! Tune in every Sunday at 8:30 to watch the latest interview!!

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Ready to be our next #PrettyPlug?

Ready to be one of our next #PrettyPlugs?

Below you’ll find the application to apply to be featured on one of our upcoming episodes. Please fill out each question clearly and completely as this will be the information used to create your flyer, social media posts, and other forms of promotion. Don’t be afraid to dig deep! 

Once completed, you’ll receive confirmation that your application was received and we will reach out to you once approved.